Jemson Green

"Bringing the rock back to dublin" MRU

Charismatic Dublin rockers Jemson Green are a hard working 5-piece intent on bringing rock music back to Ireland. This year has been a whirlwind of excitement for the 5-piece band, who have seized on-going attention over the past 12 months with début recordings with guitarist Conor Dempsey ‘My Only Disease’ and ‘Who Am I’ are as hard-hitting and intense songs as you will hear all year. As a strong contender in Irish unsigned music, Jemson Green are back stronger and more powerful than ever before, with an upcoming album now highly anticipated by fans worldwide. They have performed with bands such as Bipolar Empire, Walking on Cars, The Enemies, Keywest and The Riptide Movement.

With their growing reputation as an electrifying live band, Jemson Green are gaining popularity, which has been seen from the increasing amount requests for ‘Growing Stranger’ and new release ‘Who Am I’ on domestic and international stations. With an exciting and successful touring season throughout Ireland and the UK in 2013, the future for Jemson Green is certainly bright.