Love music with a fondness for good hygiene? The Camden Crawl is coming to Dublin and offers the best of both worlds. A music festival you can rock out to without getting your ‘dubes’ dirty!

Camden Crawl DublinThe first ever Dublin Camden Crawl takes place this May 11-12 in over 15 venues across the city. Following in the footsteps of the London Camden Crawl which has been running since 1995, it promises to showcase 100 “cutting edge live acts” from home and abroad. The London Camden Crawl has proved itself as a launch pad for many artists since its inception among them Snow Patrol and Amy Winehouse.

Self dubbed as the first major ‘festival’ of the Summer, the two day event will take place one week after the London event and is the first time the show has been taken on the road. The line up includes Jape, And So I Watch You From Afar, Rubberbandits, Gaz Coombes, Ghostpoet, The Ambience Affair, Duke Special, Cashier No.9, Katie Kim and Funeral Suits. A number of new UK acts including Dutch Uncles, Let’s Buy Happiness, Bastille, DELS and Alpines  and US bands We are Scientists and My Best Fiend will also perform.

Is it really a music festival though if you don’t have to pack baby wipes and toilet roll in your bag? Surely if you don’t have to worry about a stranger wandering into your tent in the middle of the night or preparing in advance for four seasons in one day then you’re missing out on something? It’s a sign of the times when festivals are targeting Ross O’Carroll Kelly and his cronies. The country may not be as flush as it was a couple of years ago, but that precious mindset is still alive and swanning around Grafton Street in skinny jeans with a semi-skimmed chai latte.

With a lot of festivals losing momentum due to high prices and a more pampered youth, the Camden Crawl has honed in on a market which probably wouldn’t have existed in Ireland ten years ago. The posh Londoners enjoyed their music in trendy bars while in Ireland, Feile and later Witness catered for music fans who revelled in the festival atmosphere and all that was attached to it. Sitting in temperate conditions in a well stocked bar wouldn’t have had quite the same appeal. It’s not just the fans that are getting posher with many of the GHD styled musicians looking more like they belong in a Tommy Hilfiger catalogue than on a festival stage. They even seem less likely to rough it in the name of rock’n’roll.

While the 'grit and grime' of the festival circuit might be lacking, the Camden Crawl gives the well-heeled an opportunity to let their perfectly groomed hair down. Proudly boasting they’re at a music festival for the whole weekend and didn’t cop out by getting a day ticket or paying for the luxury camping area. Meanwhile they can go home and sleep in cashmere sheets before returning to Day 2 of festival frolics looking fresh faced thanks to the three step process of cleanse, tone and moisturise and still feel as ‘hard core’ as everyone else. The opportunity to be cool and look good at the same time has never come so easy for festival goers.

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