He’s famous for all the wrong reasons and yet the Jury is still undecided if Pete is destined for great things or just another prison stay.

Pete DohertyDrug abuse, trials, prison spells, failed rehab, questionable love affairs… Pete Doherty appears to attract trouble in the blink of an eye. He's the most improbable celebrity and a somewhat curious musician. Hot Press magazine hailed Pete Doherty’s talk at Trinity College as "the best gig in town" when he became Honorary Patron of the Philosophical Society alongside Al Pacino, Salman Rushie, Desmond Tutu, Johnny Marr and Dame Helen Mirren. 

You cannot deny that Pete brings a certain something to the music world. A humble, almost meek man, Pete’s stage presence is nothing special compared to other similar celebrities al la Amy Winehouse or Paul Weller. There have been many high profile events where we thought Pete would finally bow out and disappear from the music world. When he won the NME’s Hero of the Year Award in 2008, The Enemy's Tom Clarke said "Doherty doesn't deserve to win anything. He isn't in the music industry anymore; he's in the drugs trade." However, with his current tour in full flight it seems that Pete has both feet firmly rooted in the music industry once more. 

For some of Doherty’s fans this is the 'last chance saloon'. While the public has been entertained at the antics of a drug addict on the path of self-destruction, loyal fans have followed the musical development of Pete through The Libertines and Babyshambles. His current tour has been hailed a success following a great turnout across Europe, credited with strong audience interaction and some fantastic live performances. It appears that Pete is returning to his talent of poetry in song writing and producing some potentially huge hits. 

His musical talent is at last shining through and may just be enough to eradicate the bad press he has attracted in the past. If he can pull this tour off, it will show people that you can indeed carve out a new destiny for yourself. However, 2 things potentially stand in his way – first is the undisclosed sum he will receive due to the recent phone hacking scandal. An ex drug addict with a large amount of cash could prove to be a dangerous combination. Secondly, is the news that Pete is allegedly the father of a second child with model Lindi Hingston.

Loyal fans will be praying these huge media stories do not overshadow Pete’s tour and his obvious musical ability. It's said that 'everyone loves a reformed character' and Pete may finally be on his way to receiving open-armed acceptance within music and media circles for evermore.

by Liam Carey @Bandpages