What’s the single most important thing in getting a band off the ground? Talent? Songs? Image? None of the above I’m afraid. You’ll not be able to showcase your talents without a band name.

drumsI’m not going to tell you how to come up with your name but I am going to advise you on how to look after it. The name should be carefully considered. What does it mean? Will it offend? Does it contain unwanted innuendos? Is it suitably related to the genre of music you plan to play? Essentially a band name should be memorable; it’s your calling card. When people hear your name they should want to hear your music, two examples are How to Destroy Angels and Fight Like Apes. Even though they’re…

Record companies and promoters receive tons of Press Kits weekly. How do you ensure yours 'stands out' and doesn't end up getting trashed? Here are a few tips to improve your chances:

press packKnow Your Audience

Too many bands develop PKs aimed at fans. Don’t. Use press kits for business purposes. Essentially you should have different Press Kit specifically aimed at different audiences. First, a press kit that is relevant to booking agents. Enclosed information should focus upon past, present, and future gigs because you want to communicate to the reader that the band is actively performing.  Secondly, have a press kit geared towards managers that…

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