Kurt Cobain changed the face of music with classics such as Smells Like Teen Spirit and Come As You Are. But would things really be 'that' different if he was still around?

Kurt CobainIt’s 18 years since Kurt Cobain’s death, yet his legacy lives on in a million copycat bands and tribute acts, all trying to recreate the anarchic spirit of his music and the global community that sprung up as a result of Nirvana. There can be little argument, the music created by Kurt Cobain and his cohorts changed the world of music forever, even if that was just to give birth to a new musical genre - 'Grunge'. As a live band they were untouchable, although probably not the type of live band you’d book for

If you ever recorded footage of a rockin' gig, only to be let down by the sound quality, you’ll appreciate the services of music technology company

45sound.comThe brainchild of Cathal Furey, 45sound allows fans to upload videos of live gigs to the site and have their video matched to the sound of the gig as recorded by a sound engineer and synchronised with audio-matching software. Along with software developers and audio researchers Dan Barry and Mikel Gainza and John McAuley, who developed the online side of the business, Furey has been progressing since late 2010 when it was demonstrated in Whelans at an And So I Watch You From Afar gig. The band’s sound engineer Andrew Coles since became the company’s…

It may seem there’s little to celebrate these days, as our Euro 2012 hopes were shortlived and Jedward’s Eurovision ambitions, but all things aside musically Ireland is as rich as ever.

love live musicThis Thursday the nation will rejoice once again to celebrate the diverse musical talent that exists the length and breadth of the nation.With many world renowned artists hailing from our shores, U2, Thin Lizzy, Sinead O’Connor, Rory Gallagher, Enya - the list goes on and on, there is plenty to celebrate on the music front. 'Love:live music' will recognise National Music Day through a wide host of free music events all across the country. International Music Day is celebrated in 120 countries worldwide and through the vast array of events…