Ireland isn’t only known for leprechauns and spuds, it’s also recognised as having a rich music culture. So why do Irish Bands and Artists have to be exported before being recognised as truly talented.

Irish Music SceneFrom the auld fiddly-aye-ooh of the trad act down your local to U2’s trademark cash register ching, Ireland is renowned the world over as great producer of exceptional musicians. Can you think of a major Irish label? No! We didn’t think so. Certainly, you’re more likely to come across an amazingly talented busker in Temple Bar than a commercial home grown record label.

Despite there being tax breaks for those in the creative arts, there are no incentives for those involved in discovering new talent and promoting it. Which is very odd when… is Irelands premier website for booking live music entertainment for events and gigs nationally and we are looking for someone to join our small but busy team.

MarketingStarted in mid 2011, won an Eircom Spider Award within 6 months of launch and has been getting busier ever since. For the next stage of our growth plan we are offering a full-time Marketing Internship to join our small team of music aficionados - starting mid June.

We are interested in your attitude and ambition as well as your experience and qualifications. We don’t expect you to re-invent the wheel, but we do expect you to create successful marketing and PR campaigns/ideas and implement them. You will be given the autonomy to follow…

In an age of music industry PR dominance we see factory formulated success with hit after hit. Who isn't getting tired of this sad ol' routine when we know poetic greatness when we hear it.

writing-lyricsA quick glance back through the best-selling singles of the last 10 years in the UK makes for depressing reading. Many of the top tunes since 2002 have included protege's of Simon Cowell's money-making juggernaut... think Will Young, Michelle McManus, Steve Brookstein, Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke, all releasing covers of other Artists' work. And don't forget the 2005 chart-topper from Tony Christie and Peter Kay on their quest to find Amarillo.

Add to these the resurgence of dance music and the development of drum and bass among other less lyrically-led genres and it might seem that this…